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The Jet Card: the aviation industry’s buzz word for a pre-paid debit card to be used for private…
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The Jet Card: the aviation industry’s buzz word for a pre-paid debit card to be used for private travel. But where does one go from there?

The answer to that question is deeply personal, and with a variety of ways that companies package their Jet Card offerings, it is no wonder that many who research the market end their search dazed and confused, with little to guide them through the process besides the sales pitch of whatever brand crossed their eyes first.

JetCards.com was developed to help the consumer, be it someone new to private aviation or someone who has flown for years but simply looking for an easy place to find information and insights into current events of the business. Most companies are new to this space, having been spun up by those who were cast aside by larger companies during various iterations of economic downturns or political turmoil. But then there are some brands who have earned their place based on reputation, longevity, and service who continue to attract their fair share of business.

The truth is that each company in the space tries to invoke an element of uniqueness into their marketing efforts. Some brands claim to be “The Uber of Private Jets” (which is logistically impossible, by the way), while others try to throw lavish gifts and promotions into the equation in order to increase their brand presence. But lastly, there are those chosen few who have remained relevant throughout the past couple of decades and have earned the attention they get from the market.

The private aviation landscape continues to change—new entrants into the market are paired against the big established brands who have either held to their roots, or have evolved so greatly in light of the economy that their brands are almost completely changed and unrecognizable.

In time, JetCards.com will aggregate the information from around the industry and present it here, with little commentary. Unbiased information, sourced directly from resources around the private jet industry, will remain available here and in an easy to find format. From there, it is your decision to make.

Now sure, we know which brands present themselves better, we know which brands are trending in whatever direction, and we know which brands are worth that second look, but that’s not our job. Our job is to present to you, the buyer, the information that matters, and the information that the insiders talk about each day. Some of that chatter never reaches the internet or the industry papers, but it sure will find its way to JetCards.com.


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